The Rake/Pale Walker – Believed to be humanoid in appearance, Hairless, incredibly skinny, crawling on all fours. But when standing – has a height of 6′ – 7′ tall. Specifics detail it with skinny shoulders, and torso, extremely pale. It’s also reported to make noises that resemble a frog – an echoing clicky sound. With razor-like teeth on its mouth. Reports on its locations have ranged from British Columbia Canada – all the way through The United States to Mexico.

Crawlers in Canada

Don Herbert’s Sighting –

Herbert is a miner who hails from the remote town of Hay River, Northwest Territories, located on the southern shores of Great Slave Lake. He works in biweekly rotations, spending two weeks at the mine followed by two weeks off at home.

Hay River, Northwest Territories.

One night in mid-August 2018, during his annual summer vacation about a week prior to his scheduled return to work, Herbert found himself alone in his truck, driving through the woods on the Northwest Territories Highway 2, more commonly known as the Hay River Highway. This stretch of road is one of the most remote thoroughfares in all of Canada, beginning on the shores of Great Slave Lake and skirting the western bank of the Hay River before joining the Mackenzie Highway 38 kilometres to the south.

It was during the drive home that he locked eyes with something, that displayed a level of self-awareness and made an attempt at his vehicle while he was driving.

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Unknown Witness Sighting in Quesnel –

The individual’s first alleged encounters took place in the early summer when he noticed an eerie humanoid creature “running inhumanly fast” through the field behind his house before vaulting over a 5.5-foot-tall fence and disappearing into the woods. This creature was emaciated, white-skinned, and “at least 7 feet tall”, with a gaping mouth and no eyes. Unlike the crawler that Don Herbert encountered, this creature was bipedal and ran with a manlike gait. Two weeks later, the individual caught the same creature peering at him from around the side of his house. Frightened, he retreated indoors. Later, he examined the area at which the creature had stood and found scratch marks on the exterior of his house.

In October 2018, the witness reported a third encounter. While he was sitting outside on the back porch facing his field, the creature appeared and raced across his property as it had done several times before. This time, however, it stopped in the middle of the field and turned to stare at him. Before the petrified Canadian had time to react, the creature ran down the field and leapt into his neighbour’s yard.

On another occasion, the man saw the creature peering at him through his living room window. He ran upstairs to retrieve his hunting bow, with which he intended to protect himself, but by the time he returned downstairs, the creature was gone.

The fourth and final sighting took place in November 2018, about two weeks after his previous encounter. This time, the man found the creature staring into his barn through an open window. The entity apparently learned that it was being watched, turned to face the Redditor, and emitted a piercing shriek before running into his neighbour’s yard and into the woods.

Many accounts report these entities will scream/howl at individuals they cannot access.

A possible Pale walker recording of it stalking a moose on the side of the road.

Weird ‘Monster’ Captured On Film ‘Stalking A Moose’ In Canadian Wilderness

Underground cave systems are spread wide across North America – with over 1,000 cave systems on Vancouver Island alone. The United States of America has an additional 17,000 cave systems as of today.

Fracking –

Fracking is the process of drilling down into the earth before a high-pressure water mixture is directed at the rock to release the gas inside. … The term fracking refers to how the rock is fractured apart by the high-pressure mixture. Could this be what’s affecting underground ecosystems? It is rumoured these – or other similar Cryptids could be driven out of underground cave networks by human interference, such as fracking.

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