When I was still in elementary school, me and my family used to spend all summer at my great uncle’s house. Me and my family slept in the same room, except for my sister who’d sleep on a bed in the living room, and my great uncle who’d sleep in his own room.

That one was a pretty normal day: we went to the beach, we ate some pizza, and then, at around 10 PM we all went to sleep.

At around 4 AM I suddenly woke up, because someone was throwing things around in the kitchen: plastic cups, containers, food etc.

The door was open so I was able to see the light coming from the kitchen, so when I had enough of all that noise I got up from the bed.

At first something seemed off.

I thought I was having some sort of strange dream, and as any rational kid would do, I tried to see if I could bend fire like in A:TLA(who wouldn’t want to firebend, right?). – A:TLA Avatar The Last Airbender

I couldn’t. I wasn’t dreaming.

My father wasn’t in his bed, but I didn’t care much since maybe he was just in the bathroom.

My great uncle was fairly old, and had trouble sleeping at night, so I thought he just went in to the kitchen to get some water.

“Uncle… uncle? Are you all right? All this noise woke me up. ” I said while making my way to the kitchen.

To my surprised the room was empty. But the light was on, and the fridge was open, with a can of coke laying in front of it.

“What..?” I thought.

I looked up to the shelf that was to my right, and I saw what was making that noise.

Some sort of short creature, around 30 cm tall, a gnome you’d say, was looking at me, terrified.

He was terrified because I saw him.

I thought to myself “He’s going to hurt me, better if I fake to faint”. And so I did.

After a couple of seconds I open my eyes, and I saw that I wasn’t on the kitchen floor anymore. I was in a strange colorful tunnel. I got scared again and closed my eyes one more time.

After a minute that felt like eternity, i reopened them, and I was laying in my bed.

There were still sounds coming from the kitchen, but I was scared and just waited for them to stop.

And before sunrise, they did.

That wasn’t the only encounter I had with that dude. But I never saw it again, I’d only hear him, because I was, and am, too scared to see him again.

I don’t know what he was doing exactly, but I’m sure I wasn’t supposed to see him.

I know it sounds crazy, but feel free to ask me anything about this.

While reported to be about 3 to 5 feet tall, with humanlike features, Gnome encounters often take place either at dawn or dusk, with many of their behaviours being fairly common across experiences. Non-aggressive, and usually standing completely still pretending to not be there at all if caught. Sightings include young and adult gnomes as well.

Pukwudgies –
Originating from Wampanoag (Wopanaak) folklore – Native American People that consisted of several tribes grouped together during the 17th century. Today Wampanoahg people encompass five officially recognized tribes. The Pukwudgie is able to appear and disappear on command, according to legend they lure people to their deaths, use magic and have access to lethal weaponry (poisonous arrows etc). They are reported to be roughly 2-3 feet tall. With human-like features, they have enlarged noses, fingers and ears. Their skin is reportedly a smooth grey and has even been described as glowing at times.

Pukwudgie art work by Robert Powell

Duendes –
A duende is a humanoid figure from Latin America, Spain and even European folklore, described as being a little less than 2 feet tall. It’s said they can be good or bad – depending on you or your mood. They are very protective of their homes and the boundaries they have established to live within. Some legends also say that only children can see Duendes, Duendes also is said to have an affinity for children, not in a frightening aspect but more as a protector always offering kindness. Whereas with adults they could be kind but also mischievous.

Nisse / Tomte –
Are small white-bearded gnome-like creatures. Averaging at around 3ft in height with human-like features. Also said to have magical abilities. These figures appeared from Scandinavian folklore and tend to reside near or in farmhouses. Also said to protect children and animals from bad things. In Denmark, Nisse’s are described as beardless, wearing grey and red woollens along with a red hat. Like the Duendes, Nisse’s are described as having a temper, especially if offended.

Scandinavian Nisse / Tomte

The Michigan Gnome –
A folklore tale passed down from generation onwards in the Southeastern parts of Michigan. There are even present-day sightings that are still being reported. Some reports have been made in nature reserves that are located in more urban areas.

They all appear to be very territorial and hold high regard for respect and property. I have read some accounts that additionally explain tunnels with many different entrances that are marked with little piles of rocks. I have nephews and nieces that when they were young would always talk about gnomes and little people. And how they would like to do things in the garden to make them feel more comfortable, almost like paying respects to them. Just an interesting thought, but could also be the mind of a child at work.

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