I struggle with the idea of sharing my experience, mostly because I don’t know if it actually happened or if it was just a dream. At this point I’ve decided I just want to get it out there and see if anyone else experienced anything like it.

One night in the summer, when I was about 10 or 11, I was awake in the middle of the night and I could hear the horses running around the pasture as if something had happened. I decided to get up and go check on things. At that time my family had a massive old barn and we lived in the middle of nowhere. I walked through the door of the barn and found a very large “man”, as white as snow, climbing into the hayloft. I remember being startled but not scared. He turned around and looked at me, and slowly lowered himself back down. He took a few steps towards before he knelt down and put out his hand (like one would do with a stray animal). As I looked at him I felt like he looked sad and tired, and not at all like he would do me any harm. I decided to take his hand and walk him towards our “kids hang-out space” which was just a space in the barn where we had some old couches, a few toys and a radio. As soon as he saw the radio he became more animated, ran towards it and started messing around with it. That went on for a bit and I kept asking him what he needed the radio for. He never said a word. Not one word. He wouldn’t give me a name so I started calling him “radio.” After some time he sat the radio down and sat down on the couch. I brought over my favorite horse book and started thumbing through the pages, showing him all of my favorite horse breeds. Eventually he gently took the book from me and closed it as if to say “I’m done.” I got up to put the book away and he laid down on the couch. I remember him being so large that his head was on the armrest while his legs hung over the other armrest, at the knee. He was a giant. Pure white and I don’t recall any hair. His eyes were jet black but they weren’t huge or angular. If anything they slanted downward and were beady. After he fell asleep I decided to go back in the house and go to bed, but I put a blanket over him before I went in.

I woke up in the morning and the whole experience came flooding back to me. My feet were dirty as if I had been outside during the night. I grabbed some snacks and ran out to the barn. I ran to our hangout space and found everything as I would have expected it. The blanket was on the floor, the book was sitting on the table, and radio was out of place. But he was gone.

It’s important to know that I had a habit of sleep walking at this time in my life, so it’s possible that this was all just a dream. At first I thought he was just a very very very strange person and I hoped he found safety. The memory never left me and by the time I was a teen I had decided that I dreamed the whole thing and let it go. Then Prometheus came out and I agreed to go see it with friends. When the tall white alien came on screen I nearly jumped out of my seat. It wasn’t an exact likeness but it was like seeing a ghost.

At the time, I knew absolutely nothing about aliens and the only one I had ever heard of was the classic “little green men.” None the less I forced myself to let it go and move on. That memory could not be real so I must have dreamed it….

As time passed I started wondering how I could have imagined a being that I had never heard of? Could that have really happened? Could Radio be real?


⦁ The horses you heard running around, was it out of fear or more startled that something was present.

Haha well, horses are prey animals, so when anything is out of the ordinary they are inclined to run. They did snort a few times which would imply fear, though they settled back down after a few minutes which would imply they had just been startled. Simply put- I think they were scared but quickly realized they weren’t in danger.

⦁ When you saw Radio and got startled, did Radio display any notion of being startled as well?

I don’t recall a sense of him being startled. As an adult, I best relate his body language to a feeling of “oh shit. You’re not supposed to be here.” I don’t think he wanted to deal with me but he wasn’t afraid of me.

⦁ Was Radio clothed in any garb?

I don’t recall any clothing at all. I also don’t have any memory of that being weird or “inappropriate” lol.

⦁ You mentioned that you felt a sense of sadness and exhaustion upon meeting Radio, was there anything visually that prompted such sense? Or was it purely the energy that Radio was emanating?

That’s a great question that I’ve never really thought about. I remember feeling it so strongly and my knee jerk reaction would be to say that he looked sad and tired, but as I think back on that moment I don’t remember any clear facial expressions. I do remember though, his body felt almost “slumped” as he got down on one knee.

⦁ After bringing Radio to the hangout area, and the individual’s attention became fixated on the radio device itself, was the radio functional and plugged in? or just unplugged and used for fun.

Yep! It was a plugged in and functioning radio. He was messing with the dials. As a child I thought he was just looking for a good station but now I wonder if it was a way of making contact with others.

⦁ Did you feel a change in his energy after he stopped with the radio, and again when you started showing him the horse book?

After putting the radio down he seemed to return to what I would think of as his “baseline.” Not very animated, slow steady movement, a lot of looking around/scanning the environment around him. He would look at the book, but he didn’t seem terribly interested in it.

⦁ Throughout this experience, Radio’s use of his hands as a form of communication as opposed to speaking – Did you feel as if Radio could speak if chosen too?

He had a mouth, so maybe? But no, I got the sense that he couldn’t speak. I feel like if he could have, he would have at least made some noise. I don’t even recall a grunt or grumble.

⦁ When Radio layed on the couch, was it a love seat, or a 3 seat cushion couch?

It was a standard 3 seater.

Standard 3 cushion sofas have a length of just over 7 feet. Which would put him beyond that in height in regards to you mentioning his head and knee's passed both armrests. Love seats have a standard length of 5 and a half feet from arm rest to arm rest.

⦁ When Radio began to rest, there was no sign of further interaction with you? Or no hesitation to rest while you stood there? Did Radios eyes close when he went to sleep? Or did they remain open?

There was no further interaction after he laid down. I say “laid down” because yes, his eyes did close but I sometimes wonder if he was playing opossum. Like, if he’s asleep I’ll stop bothering him, ya know? It really all comes back to this feeling of- whatever he was doing there, I was a big old wrench in the wheel but he couldn’t have me causing a scene. For all I know, he wasn’t really sleeping (though he seemed like he was) and he left as soon as I went in the house.

⦁ From your experience, this seems to be the moment where you really got to observe what Radio looked like, skin colour, facial features, no hair – With the eyes, however, was the iris/pupil all jet black? With white around, or was the entire eye black itself. Also, did you notice if Radio had any ears – human-like ours?

So this is the guy in the movie that nearly had me jump out of my seat. Again, not an exact likeness, but so so familiar it was like seeing a ghost. I remember his mouth being broader than this, and the eyes slanting more downward. Also, he had ears but they were much smaller.

Photo provided by the interviewer for visual reference.

⦁ What made you decide to put a blanket over Radio before leaving?

I’m not sure, habit I suppose. I still throw a blanket over some if they’re sleeping.

⦁ Your parents didn’t notice you leaving or returning to the house at this time of night, did they?

They did not notice me coming or going though they did acknowledge I must have been in the barn.

⦁ The mention of sleep walking, was this a common nightly occurrence for you at this time? Did you ever go outside or to the barn while sleepwalking before?

Definitely not a nightly occurrence, but it did happen from time to time. Lol I usually woke up in the bathtub though. I did have one instance of going out to the barn. The difference was that when I would sleep walk, I would wake up in a different place and have absolutely no recollection of how I got there. On the night of my experience, I remember everything and I ended up back in my bed. While I can’t rule out sleep walking for this particular night, it didn’t follow the normal patterns.

⦁ Was there any time throughout this experience that you don’t remember? I.E – missing time.

Not that I remember 😅. Kidding. No, I don’t believe any time was lost.

⦁ Did you notice anything out of the ordinary above? lights or noises in the sky?

I don’t recall any lights or strange noises.

⦁ How did your parents react to your experience with Radio when you told them?

I made it as far as telling them that there had been a giant in the barn before they told me this was just a dream. Nonetheless my dad checked the barn and i got the old parental lecture of “don’t go outside at night” in case I hadn’t been sleep walking. It made me second guess myself and I decided I needed to let it go.

Movies are scary, the concepts and source material stem from some branch of thought or experience whether that be real or not. Could Radio share a connection to Tall Whites? His interest in the radio certainly instigates a sense of being technologically savvy and aware.

But to conclude all of this, how can you create a memory using entities and imagery you have never heard of or witnessed? Where do these things come from if your brain hasn’t interacted with them? 99.9% of all these things could be completely fake, but there is always that 0.1%, and that’s all the reason I need to believe. Not only is this person’s experience humbling, but it shows our desire as a species to help.

The open-mindedness of a child, seeing something that would send others running in a panic, a child sees despair and attempts to bring comfort and peace. While caution should always be exercised when in the presence of the unknown, be sure to always trust your instincts, your feelings, be respectful, and know that you are not alone.

If you or anyone you know has had an experience similar to this, bearing witness to something similar to Radio.

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