The Watts family, 2 children and their mother disappeared from their home on August 13, 2018. Tragically, their disappearance and murder were admitted by the father – Christopher Watts. On November 6th, Watts pleaded guilty to multiple counts of first-degree murder and was sentenced to five life sentences with no possibility of parole.

Both Christopher and his wife Shanann were from North Carolina, having met in 2010 and marrying in 2012. After having their 2 children Bella, and CeCe, the Watts moved into a five-bedroom home in Frederick, Colorado in 2013.

At approximately 1:48 AM on August 13th, 2018, Shanann returned home from a business trip to Arizona. Christopher was currently at home with their two daughters, and it was later that day that all three of them were reported missing by Nickole Atkinson, the same friend who dropped Shanann off at home prior. After Shanann missed a business meeting Atkinson went to the Watts residence to inquire, and when her knocks were left unanswered, Christopher and the Frederick Police Department were notified. Christopher at first declined to know the whereabouts of his wife and children, and on August 15th, 2018, he was arrested after failing a polygraph test and subsequently confessed to murdering Shanann.

Since this tragic event, there have been many ongoings within the house that have left people and police officers baffled.

In the attached footage, Youtuber – KingFrostmare goes in-depth on the sightings, and audio encounters the police catch on their body cams upon inspecting the house the morning of the family’s disappearance.

Upon viewing the footage, and as discussed in Episode 8 of Cryptid Clues, you’ll notice audible activity that resembles giggles, and full-on sentences that include name mentions.

The full documentary can be seen on Netflix, with a trailer available here

The photo below is of the Watts family, Shanann, Christopher, and their two daughters Bella and CeCe.

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